Good, smart, ingenious?

You don’t have to tie yourself down when you want to describe rogatti products. All you need to commit to is being delighted by them.

Normally, customer demand determines the portfolio. Here at rogatti, it sometimes works the other way round, i.e., when we develop an ingenious product inhouse, and a short time later, we have no clue how we were ever able to live without it. As was exactly the case with our highly gifted hose cutter. Someone in the workshop was playing with a few ideas and added a good measure of know-how to it. After all, we know from our own experience that working systems for manually cutting hoses swallow up way too much time and money in many businesses.

Based on that knowledge, developing an automated solution was almost a matter of honour. So the hose cutter quickly matured to series production, becoming the powerful centrepiece of a product range open for expansion with custom size inserts and peripherals. Facts and figures? With pleasure! Our latestgeneration tabletop hose cutter can handle hoses with a diameter between 4 and 20mm and a cutting output of up to 1,000m per hour, with any hose length and quantity of your choosing. The PLC can save up to 20 different hose lengths, and the device literally has an in-built store detection and BOM entry. The machine works with 6 bar of pressure and a voltage of 230VAC. And all that as economical as it is user-friendly. Conclusion: Simply good that we finally have it.

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