Keep on moving.

In the summer of 2016 it was an initiative, a good plan. Since the end of March 2017, rogatti’s expansion concept had not only gain momentum but also assumed shape.

The new production hall is completed. And with it, around 400m² of future. Ultimately, that is where rogatti’s construction activity is directed towards. Remaining competitive, standing up to globalisation, empowering the company location. And since everything is always in motion here, we build, and always have done, during on-going operations.

Space for something new

Therefore, assembly, small parts store and goods receipt also temporarily moved into the new hall — after all, we want to carry on with construction phase 2 without delay. Now we have to say good-bye to the old assembly shop from 1968 to make room for a modern new building. In 12 to 14 months, assembly will be able to move into its brand-new domicile, before we begin with construction phase 3, i.e., demolishing the old office building and building a new one. And at the end? We will put each area back to where it belongs. Just a lot better.