“Made in Germany” is more than declaration of origin - it is an attitude.

Continuous further development:

What started out as a 1-man band has developed into a medium-sized company with 80 employees, successfully asserting its position on the global market with custom solutions and innovative products.

Always in motion.

rogatti, still a family-owned business, will continue to embrace maximum quality, healthy growth and an active company policy. This includes modern environmental management as well as an employeefriendly corporate climate or consistent loyalty to the company location. Good prerequisites for staying in motion in the 55 years to come, with motion technology “Made in Germany”.


  • Headquarters close to Stuttgart / Germany
  • Family-managed, medium-sized company
  • Number of employees: 80

business areas

  • Textile industry
  • Plastics processing
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Food, pharmaceutical, chemicals industry

business areas

  • Construction and development
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Distribution


The development of a small company to an innovative medium-sized enterprise

The name rogatti has been characterised by motion and dynamics since the company was founded. In 1961 – a year rich in history – the one-man company of Harri Rogatti started its activity in a simple cellar room at the edge of the Swabian Forest. The company immediately began to set new standards.

After more than five eventful decades, rogatti today is a sound medium-sized company rooted in the region and employing about 80 persons.

Far-sighted corporate governance and valuable innovation capital made rogatti Bewegungstechnik an esteemed innovator and supplier of complete pneumatic assemblies in its industry. A real authority in demanding motion technology.

Quality & Environment

The environmental challenge

How environmentally friendly are rogatti products actually? Of course, they have always been as eco-friendly as required by law, but always a little bit more, too. We are committed to stand up for sustainable environmental protection.

For our employees, for our region. This is why we have established uncompromising principles on environmental aspects. This way of thinking is not just reflected in our drive solutions, it already begins by avoiding waste in the spare parts logistics or by continuously checking our production areas for highest possible environmental compatibility.

To give our efforts the required transparency, we comply with an environmental management system according to the EMAS regulation and regularly publish environmental statements which are assessed by independent experts.

Our company’s continuous orientation towards environmental protection is thus ensured for you and us. We hope to fulfil our responsibility as one of the leading manufacturers for motion technology, and to make a small contribution to a more comfortable environment.

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Quality has many facets. For some, it is durability, for others maximum strength or endurance. For us, it is a demand communicated by us with the “Made in Germany” seal and containing more than just individual quality features.

We have state-of-the-art production processes at our disposal, work with carefully selected materials and keep our knowledge up to date. This is what we consider objective quality.

Equally important to us is the subjective quality arising from your wishes and ideas, because a product featuring the highest quality is only the most appropriate product if it can be perfectly integrated into your personal production requirements. We connect generally accepted features with those arising from your individual environment.

This is how we guarantee objective and subjective top quality in all processes. To effectively check these, we have adopted a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

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State oft he art.

Our state-of-the-art machinery is optimally aligned to the requirements of our customers, whilst the technology is oriented towards the market conditions and regularly updated.

CNC lathe Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250 II

This model is used for bigger piston diameters, especially in the stainless steel area. Feasible are turning lengths with up to 1500 mm for piston diameters of d 80 to d 250 mm.

CNC milling machine Robodrill T14iFb A CNC by Fanuc

Serves as expansion of the rogatti-intern milling and machining centres.

CNC lathe Mazak Quickturn Nexus 100 II M with driven tools

This machine enables an even more flexible production plan for demanding turned and milled parts.