Individual Motion Technology

Finding the best solution.

Greater understanding of individual requirements

Step one involves listening closely and asking the right questions.

To create individual systems and assemblies, specific skills have to be bundled. rogatti Bewegungstechnik has the knowledge, possibilities and urge to put itself in your situation when it comes to your specific requirements – and to find the best solution for you!

Intelligent planning allows for transparent and effective processes.

Step two involves defining intern processes and objectives

After the customer’s inquiry and the order’s general feasibility have been checked, the team can dedicate itself to the design and planning of all necessary development processes.

Optimum solutions require will and commitment.

Step three: success is a question of attitude

In the interest of our customers, we push ourselves to the limit and always endeavour to stay ahead of other providers. This requirement is also reflected in the fact that we develop and produce for extremely exacting branches.

If competence meets in-house manufacturing.

Step four involves taking full advantage of technical possibilities

The development of the pneumatic cylinder outstandingly proceeded beyond the approval of its prototype. A committed team, knowing how to perfectly combine competence, technical possibilities and in-house manufacturing under one roof, is needed to ensure that an order advances as desired.

In-depth dialogue for higher achievements.

Step five: continuous coordination with the customer

If one has specialised in the development of customised solutions in motion technology, it is not possible to overestimate the effects of proximity and dialogue. The in-depth exchange between customer and rogatti is a true success factor, particularly in case of new developments: short ways, quick reaction time and permanent review of intermediate results ensure optimum results and the fulfilment of the implementation times agreed.

Methodical quality assurance.

Step six: 100% quality by repeated inspection

Our project is approaching completion. However, immediately before the series production, the pneumatic drive for the feed motion of the cutter head must be subjected to a complete check-up. The loads it is exposed to during its future operation are massive and last for the entire life cycle of the components.

The individual solution goes into production.

Step seven: support beyond the maturity phase

The granulation system with our drive is now ready for operation and can go into production. The “Made in Germany” assembly was considered of good quality and released by the customer. However, the customer-oriented service and will to optimise do not end here – contact is remained even after delivery, until the next mutual objective of making motion possible…

Competence and dynamics.

The perfect interplay of engineering and production

CAD systems were already introduced by rogatti more than 25 years ago and the connection of order management, construction, work preparation and production promoted in an early stage. New construction and production methods were and are permanently tested on the premises. This increased competence is of advantage for our customers, since experience, in-house manufacturing and state-of-the-art engineering are combined under one roof.


Individual Solutions in use

Pneumatic precision clamping system

Even machine tools cannot dispense with pneumatic drives.

rogatti Bewegungstechnik was able to develop a pneumatic precision clamping system for a well-established traditional company in the clamping industry. This system was able to optimise set-up time and costs as well as flexibility and productivity.

Automation in the textile economy

Over the past years, the production of high-quality textiles has also been subjected to an increased degree of automation; the production methods have been fine-tuned and improved with regard to quality and process reliability.

Today, industrial sewing machines produce finished products such as clothing, leather goods, bags, car seat covers, car and plane interior as well as airbags.

Locking cylinder for safety in production

rogatti’s locking cylinder with its integrated safety sensor means that you can be sure that machine doors will not open during the production process. The production process will only start after the smart cylinder solution has registered a “GO”. Safety for your employees is a no. 1 priority.

Underwater Granulation System

Pneumatic drive developed and produced by rogatti Bewegungstechnik, used for an underwater granulation system of Automatik Plastics Machinery GmbH.

Belt cutter for Pfaff Industrial

rogatti delivers the core assembly for a hot-air welding unit for continuous seam sealing. More specifically, a belt cutter with an integrated knife, and one that not only cuts but also gives the right guidance.

Since this customised belt cutter is used for welding from the start of the belt, it eliminates the need for recutting the seam belt, helping you to save a lot of belt length.

Pivoting device for textile industry

A pivoting device with several axles featuring high guidance and repeat accuracy should be designed for continuous seam-sealing in case of water-repellent, breathable materials.

This assembly uses compact geometry and several pneumatic motions to bring the tools into the correct process position.

Cylinder block—fits your needs exactly

A special solution: A 12- or 24-cylinder block, which comes into its own when you need to ensure safe positioning or ejecting in the shortest of times. The special feature: 12 or 24 cylinder units, which can be actuated independently, are grouped inside an aluminium block.

The advantage? Applying a large number of cylinders in a restricted space!