For highest demands

Stainless steel solutions

In areas such as the food, pharmaceutical and chemicals industry, all components have to fulfil exacting demands. The material is subject to extreme stress caused by the physical and chemical impact of the surrounding media. Apart from this, strict hygiene requirements are often to be complied with. rogatti stainless steel cylinders provide you with the technically and economically perfect solution – entirely adapted to your individual requirements!

Stainless steel vacuum generator

In order to fulfil the performance and hygiene requirements of the food industry, rogatti Bewegungstechnik was able to work small wonders.

In case of this stainless steel vacuum generator, our technicians have once again excelled themselves: For the use in a packaging machine for food, a unit has been developed whose pistons generate vacuum by linear motion to convey slices of meat in the industrial production of food.

rogatti stainless steel cylinders especially designed and manufactured for Scharfenberger

The company Scharfenberger Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG has been leader in the planning and production of grape presses, grape processing systems and wine presses since 1971.

The new Europress is characterised by its stable value, durability and high user-friendliness. rogatti stainless steel cylinders especially designed and manufactured for Scharfenberger are an essential part of the Europress series. These stainless steel cylinders are delivered for different press sizes with piston diameters of 50, 63 and 80 mm and overlong strokes.

pneumatic stainless steel drive with integrated safety switch

rogatti again and again designs solutions for particularly exacting applications, where costs and installation space must be kept as small as possible.

We have now developed a pneumatic stainless steel drive with integrated safety switch for an application in the food industry that, apart from ensuring both factors, also provides new advantages.

reduction and cleanliness

rogatti’s design philosophy in the food industry focuses on reduction and cleanliness. In this area, form and functioning are more interdependent than anywhere else. In order to fulfil the high hygiene requirements, rogatti works with smooth surfaces and large radii without superfluous edges and recesses.

A simple solution with maximum functionality The positioning unit consists of a guidance cylinder with anti-rotation piston rod and clamping unit for locking the piston rod in case of pressure loss.

Stainless steel round cylinder R3

The round and smooth design enables hygienic and easy cleaning.

Front and end parts screwed to the cylinder liner, which is why these cylinders are reparable.
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